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For The Love of Creation Banner Art

Friday, June 30, 2017

♥ Reposting Update: Creativity Curator Services 2017 ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

For The Love Of Creation™

Creativity Curator Services

Creative Coach.
Creative Mentor.
Content and Program Projects.
Visual Designer.
Workshop-Event Productions
(content now in development-2016)

Creativity Consciousness (Awareness) and Inspiration ~
On-Line Coach ~ Facilitator

Discovery of The Inner Intuition and Quantum Feelings ~
The Basics ~ Facilitation and Mentoring

New Energy Potentials and "Fresh Eye" Designs ~
Programming ~ Content 

Co-Productions, Writing and Visual Design Services ~
Collaborations ~  Project Management

{In Creative Development 2017}

♥ Conscious Creative Programs:

Creative Confidant Series™
Fresh Eyes Sovereign Creator Series™ 

Consicous Creativity Platforms

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Margo Renay Sullivan

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

For The Love of Creation Community ~ A New Platform of Creative Confidence

For The Love of Creation ~ 
The Q~Style Creative Platform

Welcome to Creators and Innovators, Designers and Artists!
For The Love of Creation Community is a safe and sacred space of creative confidence design and form. It will feature Q~Style Creative Endeavors. Margo Renay Sullivan is a co-founder and foster of the social media environments for its nurturing and development.
The Quantum Community and Living Gallery now in formation for preview and launch begins with a fresh eyes perspective. This formation has been slowly evolving over a decade in purpose and prosperity. It serves as an umbrella of worldwide endeavors and features inspirations, connections, communities, & collaborations via new energy potentials. 

It resonates to joy and passion and is continuously refreshed with heart inspired talents, unique innovations and balanced spaces and experiences.

 Our 12 Pods or Cornerstones of our New Earth Creations is now in development and will be collectively unveiled in vision and in motion step by step. These cornerstones employ the general Pillars or Chalices of the physical nova design. The cornerstones are seeded with a basic New Earth or New Energy state of consciousness in our New Living World.
My team and I have embraced the simplicity of Imagination and Sacred Designs and the passions of Soul based human beings. The potentials are so vast yet so clear. 

These Pillars constitute collective/collaborative visions ranging from Economics & Leadership, Architecture & Energy Technology, Education without Borders, Art & Music in Quantum Style, Sacred Earth Design and Water/Food Nutrients, New Family Relationships and New Children, Animal Kingdoms & Earth Elemental to name a few of these mainstays. And the cornerstones are filled with the Soul empowered Beings to lead.

So Watch for it! ~
Margo Renay Sullivan ~ Margo Sullivan™
Quantum Curator & Visionaire

Friday, November 11, 2016

The 2016 Evolution and Shift of the Ages by Margo Renay Sullivan

The 2016 Evolution 
and Shift of the Ages
by Margo Renay Sullivan

From my inner knowledge of the Arch Angelic Realms and even releasing the Angel family ties to balance and create a Sovereign example, it is more than density in Atlantis.  And it has been reaffirmed to and through me so often ~ over 3 decades now.  It is not easy either!

My higher heart signs and sings the truth.  Eons and Eons ago and long before the creation of this world, Energy was stuck and not evolving and at an impasse so to speak. And we were creating in those high realms without truly knowing its purpose or its impact in all vibes. So we as as galactic angels agreed to form a new dynamic that would slow down the process so we could experience creation IN ALL OF ITS FORMS....AND BASICALLY LEARN AND SOLVE THE IMPASSE.  Our true selves all agreed and its was long before time was created and our vibes slowed down.

And so the ARC angelic families of all creation and types and forms gathered to solve this dilemma ~ a time of peace for the Stars.  And so the Earth was imagined and the AA Gaia embraced its form later.  For we needed to slow down the process of creation to understand wisely and with greater experiences in all to create and also allow flowing, expanding and growth.

And all worlds participated to create something so new and so wise, that star warriors would eventually learn peaceful creations...and so would the come. It was holographic by design yet duality and finite in its form.

The Ancient world of Atlantis and Lemuria was one of many of these slowed down creations...that truly served our Big Soul wisdom. The realization that control will not serve the whole of creation...nor will tampering with a design fashioned and added to by some of the most profound creators of the universe.

Those who choose to create chaos are also learning what does not work....So we stand firm yet allowing huge growth and flowing energy of expanding frequencies.  We are maturing at this very moment. The Collective of Humanity is beginning its ascent and that is a miracle in itself. The whole is expanding.

This blue pearl is intended to be the Angelic School for learning Creation and how to master yourself.  And it is working to evolve our consciousness as Creators ~ that is Multi dimensional Creators! heart emoticon 
I share this from my Sovereign knowing and my Being....made of LOVE.heart emoticon 

I AM LOVE.... serving the House of Maries....Gabriel...and Michael...{Mara or Maries means Council of teachers for the Creation Pillars} as One.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is Happening to this World? Margo Renay Sullivan

What is Happening to this World?
Margo Renay Sullivan

To be clear and simple, the all new evolutionary keys and codes are being unleashed and it hits those with expanded vibes-frequencies instantly...and every sense is alerted and tossed around on this inner ocean. For those not yet fully aware by choice and frequency, it feels like these 'people' are crazy and not 'Real' and should get a life..please!
I hear you. And I understand...however, the entirety of the PLANET has shifted and is shifting its position and that creates a change...for all here. The Planet includes all life forms...from ants to trees to flowers to humans to food to water to art and to money just to name a few of them.
All of these creations have a vibe or frequency that flows together. Its not different than this platform called the Internet. Yet with this ongoing upgrading and downloading and redesigning and new beta software coming quickly online {smiles}, all of it is in flux and change. Watch for some very unlikely and amazing miracles also unfolding...diverse and quiet stunning! ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A New Leadership Style ft Love as The Core Essence ~ Margo Renay Sullivan

~ A New Leadership Style 
Ft Love as The Core Essence  ~
Margo Renay Sullivan

Nine years ago,  followed this group called The Elders ~ started by Madiba {Nelson Mandela} ...and all of its quotes and approaches to leading human communities...Madiba gathered the leaders from all colors of life and all former governments to enlist their wisdom.  It was the preface to what can BE HERE AND NOW IN EVERY WAY.

Leaders today reflect and share their wisdom beyond greed and beyond that fear of ridicule and isolation. Leaders today can embrace our sense of worth in all facets.

Leaders today that are not so squeaky clean can rise into these roles just as easy as those who profess to be beyond this world. It is accepting self responsibility by example. And Practicing in our own lives. I invite us all to begin to lead ourselves so that we demonstrate it in the present.

Leading is not victim-hood nor is it enmeshed in control. Leaders today can be patient with the releasing and the realizing inside of this truth. Its a hard walk to do so. Its an ebb and flow..its a sphere and a circle...its not defined by the past. And its not stuck in that past either...WE all can lead ourselves first.

Leadership IS diversity and it is often with disagreements or disengagements. Its not always white and lovely and ONE SOUL. Its the vast diversity of Creation flowing through many SOULS that have one core Essence and are learning to practice it daily. LOVE. Its a common word know as prefaces and it closes every story. Its actually a creative intelligence and in every single cell of us.
Just as an artist' studio or an actor's studio is a bit messy or in chaos at times and adult paints and dis-guarded scripts are tossed wildly on the floor, so is our Earth home at the moment.

YET...we all will prevail as LOVE.
Margo Renay Sullivan.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Diamond as One ~ Cosmic Energy Simplicity

I am blessed with my I AM Soul Self always lovingly reminding me.  It is not about one per se.  It is about the many frequencies and vibrations as facets of One Diamond containing billions of colors and experiences ~ in the Cosmos.

Self Love is the code and key to opening the flood gates.  
Its true that none are separate. Yet each bring a unique gift on the spectrum of vibratory scales.  To know thyself through loving thyself can only be felt in the individual heart.

The rest is a part of a grand set design by mass consciousness from our own Consciousness Studio. Its no different than many films and actors in production under one studio roof. It's simple! in gratitude!  
And in that studio, film reviews and critiques go on in order to advance the wisdom for the next one anew. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~ 

heart emoticon 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Raising More Conflicts to Heal Conflicts ~ Competition or Collaboration?

Raising More Conflicts to Heal Conflicts ~ Competition or Collaboration?

'When someone is hungry, tired, homeless, or simply letting go of past lives as I have experienced in this life, I caution those of the mind to consider from their true heart that which they preach often is what they must heal. Economic balance sheets, divisive monetary policies based on projected agendas, unexposed web of lies that create all three beliefs....and built on false structures in not healthy for any human being. Freedom is experienced from OUR BIG HEART. Its Alive. Its Conscious and it does not judge bad or good, right or left, socialist herbalist or conservative name a few tag lines. This knowing and harmony is what allows you to see the real masters at work.' in service. ~ Margo Renay Sullivan ~